I’ve loved being on the water from my earliest memories. Whether it was a row boat on Lake Nokomis, Wind surfing on the appropriately named Wind Lake in Wisconsin or actually getting paid here in Colorado to boat on Homestake Reservoir. I purchased an old 1965 MFG Westfield 16 foot speedboat with a 1965 Mercury 850 here in Colorado about 8 years ago and rebuilt the engine and took her out on several of the local reservoirs where we live. Now don’t get me wrong, boating anywhere is fun, but, you really can’t get anywhere on a reservoir in Colorado other than going in circles. So we towed the boat up to our house on Madeline Island with the intention of putting her on the Big Lake. This was a couple of years ago, and since then I’ve rediscovered the power of wind. I had been an advid wind surfer, and loved how I could go anywhere on a warm lake in Wisconsin or cold cold reservoir here in Colorado. I missed it very much. Well after we were Married on Madeline Island and we booked a short day sail through Captain Ric. And I was reintroduced to the power of the wind and all the wonderful sensory feelings from Captain Scott who skippered the Hearts Desire on our first charter. Feeling the itch, when I returned to Colorado I booked a place in the Asa sailing course on Lake Dillon, and was hooked for life. Upon returning to our house on Madeline Island, every time we had the chance we went sailing with our good friend Captain Scott on one of Captain Ric’s boats and had a blast even when being boarded by the coasties. This of course led directly to the purchase of the S/V Egress and the existence of this website. So before I share with you our hopes and desires with this vessel and where we want to sail her, I Thought it appropriate to thank our good friends Captain Ric Gillman and Captain Scott Grabarek from Madeline Island for the inspiration! A special mention also to Captain Dan from the sailing school on Lake Dillon in Colorado. And I can’t forget, nor thank them enough, for the love of being on the water that I learned from my Mom, Papa Joel, Grandma, Papa, and all my Uncles and Aunts, when we spent those wonderful summer days boating on Lake Nokomis in Wisconsin.

And here she is, Captain Mom!