What I’ve found so far…

the basic specs

Hull type: Fin keel
LOA: 29.92 feet
LWL: 24 feet
Beam: 10.2 feet
Draft: 4.4 feet (keel; 3 feet, 6 inches (centerboard)
Displacement: 8,650 pounds
Designer: Halsey Herreshoff
Water tank: 63 gallons
Fuel tank: 18 gallons
PHRF: 183

Motion comfort ratio: 23.36

The history.

The Bristol 29.9 was designed by Halsey Herreshoff, the grandson of the brilliant yacht designer and innovator Nathanael Herreshoff and a renowned yacht designer in his own right.  The above was pulled from the Wikipedia, article on Bristol Yachts, yet in the same article it shows, “The third generation Bristol yachts carried a decimal and a repeat of the second model number (27.7, 29.9, 31,1, 33.3, 35.5, 38.8, 41.1, 43.3, 47.7, 51.1). They came from the design team of Ted Hood, an America’s Cup designer. ” I also found that tCarl Alberg designed the company’s first boat, the Bristol 27. The Bristol Yacht Company was itself was founded by Clinton Pearson. Talk about an impression lineage! You can read more about Bristol Yachts here

The other sites.

I’ve found a few other sites that specifically touch on the specs and brief snippets of the history of the 29.9. 

Bristol sailboats.org  The best site I’ve seen so far. Updated recently and many great Bristol links.

Bristol owners.org  Original brochures from Bristol. 

Other groups

Sailnet.com Bristol group

Facebook Bristol group

Google Bristol group

There are many other individual sites of folks sailing Bristols and retrofitting them. As I find items of interest I’ll post them.