It pays to have friends in high places. In this instance I am speaking latitudinally.

Ever since leaving the island in early December, we have been itching to see the deck and the cabin of the Egress. Mostly out of curiosity, but also to prepare ourselves for what lies in store for us, as we begin a plan to tackle the refit of her. After a long winter our good friend Captain Ric was able to climb aboard and snap a few pictures. 

The pictures are below. Our general impressions were that the boat appears in fine shape. We knew going in that we would need to apply some elbow grease to the teak, and from the pictures provided we were right. There will be some teak cleaning, stripping and revarnishing in the future. The survey completed in 2012 also made note of some re bedding that needs to be done on the teak handrails etc….. The first picture below particularly caught my eye as it showed the coamings missing. After contacting the previous owner he told me that he had removed them with the intention of making new ones. After he found the old coamings and gave them to Captain Ric I was able to view the pictures that Ric provided, and after a brief conversation with him it was decided to fix the old ones rather than go through the expense of making new coamings. One of the coamings, has an approximently 25″ long crack from the stern end extending forward. It should be a relatively straight forward task of stripping of the old varnish, sanding, glueing the crack and the re-varnishing. So we can add coaming repair to the growing list. I’ll provide the list of what we plan to tackle this trip in an upcoming post.