Even before we purchased the Egress we enjoyed watching and reading the adventures of those who document the travels and refit of their Sailing Vessels. They all have sparked our imagination and inspired us to document our own adventures and perhaps someday inspire someone else. The fascinating discovery we made when we began watching and reading the blogs of those who buy boats, refit them, and then sail away, is how young a lot of them are. Some are just taking the time to see the world before they settle down, some have made a life out of sailing and settled in to a new life. Either way they all have a unique story to tell and they all inspire us. We hope they will inspire you too!

So without further ado, here is who we follow via Blog and You Tube.

The Sailing Stars of You Tube

Sailing Blogs we enjoy

There are of course many others both on You Tube, Facebook and Blogs. But these are the ones we read and watch on a regular basis.