The following is an older post from the Spring of 2015 that I had intended to post but never got around to posting. So here it is…




The long winter of 2015 between the purchase and the launch in June of 2015 of the Egress, left an ample amount of time to set priorities in regards to purchases and projects to tackle once we had her in the water. I knew the old adage, that you should let the boat tell you what she needs, but I was anxious to purchase some items for her. 

Since I believe that it is wise to be a realist when it come to projects, and that we didn’t want to get in over our heads with plans without getting to know her needs, I believe that the priorities I set for the purchases accomplished that while buying a minimum amount of what we thought she needed without getting crazy about it and just buying stuff and falling into the trap of buying everything and anything cause its recommended for the modern cruising boat.  

Therefore after throughly reading the survey completed in 2012, and through much research on the typical systems installed on a 1977 Bristol 29.9, we set the following priorities. 
1. Create Operation and Maintenance manuals of the major systems on the boat.

I downloaded and printed out the service and Maintenance Manuals for the Atomic 4 Engine, Lewmar Winches, Edson Steering Pedestal,

2. Order spare parts for the Atomic 4 Engine

After researching the recommended spare parts list at Moyer Marine for our particular serial number and the year of our Atomic 4 , I ordered the following:

New impeller, spark plugs and wires,  distributer cap, points and condenser and water pump belt.

3. Purchase two Lewmar #30 self tailing winches to replace the #25 non self tailing winches used for the head sail.

4. Purchase new dock lines and fenders.

I figured after 4 years on the hard these items were probably weren’t in good shape.

5. Purchase Life Sling 2.

I also put in our pile to take with us, two rescue throw bags that I had previously used during my years as a member of  the Chaffee County Colorado Search and Rescue Swift Water Rescue team.

6. Purchase flares, distress signal flag, day shapes and air horn. I also purchased a storage bag that would hold our spare PFD’s and all our coast guard required safety items.

7. Purchase handheld VHF radio

8. Construct a boat medical kit.

9. Purchase 4 class B1 fire extinguishers.

10. We also purchased some dishes and glasses for the galley.

More to follow….

Soon to be Captain Troy

S/V Egress

Lapointe, WI