Repairing the Coamings

I started the evening of June 19th in the garage looking over the coamings. Prior to arrivng on the Island I had researched how other people had repaired cracked and split coamings. I of course wasn’t entirely sure which way would work until I had seen them in person. Since I knew that the coamings were salvageable based on photographs I had seen, it was just a decision on what repair would work best based on the length of the crack and whether or not it was split all the way through.

Port coaming as originally found. 24 inch split in the coaming
I had found that it was not split all the way through except at about 8 inches at the aft end of the coaming.

Basically there were two ways to repair the crack in the Port coaming.

I could cut out the coaming as seen in the photo below and place a new mahogany piece back in with gorilla glue. Or I could just sand the crack and clean it out throughly and gorilla glue it together. The first choice would give the repair more strength. However I would probably need to do this fix in a least two places due to the length of the crack.


After some thought I decided the second choice was the best. As it didn’t destroy or greatly modify the original coaming. Additionally if the repair didn’t hold up I could always go back to the first choice.

So I sanded the coaming where it was split and then injected water into the length of the entire crack since this would help pull the glue in. I then injected gorilla glue into the entire length of the crack and clamped it into place. I then enjoyed a well deserved steak dinner and a few beers with the dogs by the campfire.


Sanding the Coamings and Cockpit Table

After dinner I then sanded down the starboard side coaming and also sanded down the cockpit table in preparation for varnish. I then shutdown for the evening as I would give the gorilla glue 24 hours to do its job, and I would be up early to varnish the starboard coaming and cockpit table in the morning. My goal was to get the Coamings and Cockpit table varnished and installed, and the cabin, deck and boat pressure washed and cleaned prior to the wife seeing the boat. I only had one more day before I picked her up so I had a lot to do.

An Early morning Varnish

I was up again about 4:00 a.m. and was out in the garage by 5:00 a.m applying the first coat of varnish to the cockpit table and the starboard coaming. I then packed up the jeep with a couple of buckets and the pressure washer. I then headed down to the slip about 8:00 a.m.


Cleaning the boat

Since it was still rather early and a slight rain was falling. I spent the time going through the boat cabin and its abundant storage areas  and throwing out trash and and also making a pile of items that I thought the previous owner may wish to keep. I wiped down the bilge areas and the engine compartment with soap and water and removed most of the accumulated grime. By then it was 11:00 a.m and I fired up the the pressure washer and washed the deck and the teak down. Wow was the teak weathered and black. But once I pressure washed it it looked great. It sure needs some sanding and varnish but it was doubtful that we would have time this year.

Back to varnishing

I figured it was time to head back and give the starboard coaming and cockpit table another coat of varnish. I then gave the port coaming a strength test and it passed just fine. I scrapped the gorrilla glue of the surface and sanded the coaming and then applied a coat of varnish. I then assembled the grill, grabbed the remaining boat items and headed down to the boat.

At the boat I Installed the life sling 2, emergency ladder, compass and grill.

One final coat

Back at the house later that evening I gave the port coaming a final coat of varnish and called it good. I knew that in 2016 I may have to sand and give them another coat or two but it was good enough for now. Mounting the coamings and the winches would have to wait a day or two.

The next day’s agenda was to drive to Eau Claire, WI to pick up the wife, a 6 hour roundtrip.


End of what I did on my 2015 summer vacation part 2