Spring 2016.

During our 10 days on the island we accomplished the following.

Bottom painting

Scraped, sanded and applied new bottom paint. Since she is a fresh water boat (for now) we used Sea Hawk Monterey Blue.

The job turned out wonderful. I sanded while Barb scraped. I helped Barb apply the bottom paint though she did the majority of the work while I worked on the next project. She did a marvelous job. We now have an official bottom painter!

Have sails repaired.

We contacted the local sailmaker and met him in Bayfield at his loft and dropped off the sails for some minor repairs.  A week later the sails were done, so we took the ferry over and picked them up. I’m ready to bend and hoist! Is it August yet?

Install new Raymarine i70 instruments.

While Barb finished up the bottom painting, I removed the old datamarine instruments and installed two new Raymarine i70 displays. I cut some starboard to cover the old hole for the datamarine depth gauge, installed the new instruments and re-wired the panel. I also removed the old knot meter and covered the hole with starboard.
Install new DST800, ITC-5 and SEATALKng network.

I removed the old depth, speed transducer and with the marina’s help I installed a new thruhull fitting for the DST800. I installed the blanking plug for now, and ran the new transducer wiring and terminated the wires into the ITC5. The ITC 5 is the analog / NMEA 2000 interface supplied from Raymarine that brings the transducer data into the SEATALKng network. I also at this time terminated the internal wires for the wind transducer. The new one will be installed prior to the stepping of the mast in mid August.

Install new Standard Horizon GX2200 VHF/AIS/GPS radio.

I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to mount this but in the end I decided to mount this in the nav station cabinet where the old VHF radio had been mounted. The cabinet was a mess of wiring from the old VHF and the old stereo system. I removed all wiring from the distribution terminals and ripped out the old stereo system. We will purchase a new ram3 remote microphone for the new radio to use in the cockpit and install it in August. Additionally I will install a switch to turn off the VHF radio since it is wired directly to the house battery.


I purchased a emergency VHF antenna should we ever need it, and hooked this up to the internal antenna cable. I then hooked up the batteries and flipped the switch on the VHF radio. It worked! I then programmed in our new MMSI number that I received from the FCC when we received our new ship station license. I double and tripled checked this number prior to pushing enter as I had heard that if you enter it wrong you need to send the radio back to be reprogrammed. Luckily Standard Horizon would make you punch in the wrong MMSI number twice before you ever reach the step of sending it back. Additionally the AIS and GPS functions worked as well.

Overall I’m very pleased with the radio!

After the radio was tested it was time to test the new instruments and transducers. I flipped the switch to power up the instruments and they fired right up. I had Barb spin the speed wheel and it registered speed! Yeah! I also noticed a temperature reading showed, however no depth reading. I really didn’t expect to see a depth reading since we are on the hard. Yet the system should have recognized that it existed. Hmmm, will need to troubleshoot that. One of the posts on the Raymarine forum says that the DST800 should have been recognized and another post says not until it is in the water. Guess I’ll find out once she is launched.

I then hooked up the new wind transducer and took it into the cockpit for testing. It worked like a charm.

What we didn’t accomplish.

Troubleshooting the Depth portion of the DST800

Mount new halyards 

Mount new flag halyard

Lube all mast fittings

Replace masthead light

Replace all mast and navigation lights with LEDs 

Mount new antenna

Mount new windex

Mount new wind transducer 

Lube all mast components.
We just plain ran out of time to do any mast work, so a work order was filled out to have the marina finish off the list.
Overall it was a successful and happy trip.

more to follow…