I read about the torrential rains that impacted North Western Wisconsin during The period of July 11th-12th. The rains came hard and fast, bringing up to 11 inches in 24 hours, flooding local roads and wiping out major highways in Northern Wisconsin. 

Remembering the cockpit drains and scuppers plug easily with leaves I had wondered how the boat had faired. Leaving a message for Captain Scott to ask if he would check on her, I waited for the phone call. “Yep she is flooded pretty good” he said. ” hooked up batteries but the bilge pump is shot too” Captain Scott proceeded to get a garden hose and stick it into the bilge to siphon out the 2 feet of water that was inside the boat. We were told that she dried out pretty good after a few days, but would need one heck of a scrubbing! 

More to follow…