This post was orginally written way back in May of 2015. I’m not sure why I never posted it, but better late than never. So here she is….


Even though I write this post on May 13th 2015, the winter here in the high country of Colorado drags on and on and on. So, I’ve had absolutely no ambition to tackle any of the projects that need to be done here at the house in Colorado. So how to occupy my time over the long winter? Buy things for the Egress. So below are some of the items that have been purchased so far.

Lewmar ST 30 Self Tailing Winches

Gleaming winches!

The original Lewmar 25 non self tailers that are on the boat for the jib sheets, would still do the trick, but an upgrade to self tailers was in the cards someday. Might as well get them now, install and enjoy the benefits when single handed this summer.

I also downloaded and printed out the manuals for the existing winches.

Atomic 4 Spare Engine Parts

  • Spark plugs
  • Spark plug wires
  • Points
  • Condenser
  • Distributer cap
  • Water pump Impeller

I know the venerable Atomic 4 is in need of a tune up and service. Be nice to her and she’ll be nice to you.


Dock Lines and Fenders

Not entirely knowing what is one the boat and what is serviceable, new dock lines and 4 fenders where ordered. I’ve been told that you can never have enough of both.

Galley dishes




Have to eat on the boat at least once. Glasses and placemats ordered too.


Magma Chefs Mate Grill


Since the Egress does not presently have a stove installed and we have to eat on the boat at least once, gotta have someplace to cook.

More to follow…