“I don’t want to be that guy” I told the marina Captain, as I explained why I was very apprehensive about backing out of the slip with a strong wind on the stern and a engine whose idle is set to low so that it dies whenever I retard the throttle. “Everyone gets to be that guy” he replied.

So I had adjusted the idle and this fixed the engine cutting out, yet I still kinda felt jinxed since I missed the marina guys stepping the mast and failing to put the traditional coin on the mast step. I had hoped this didn’t mean bad luck.


Barb, myself, my brother and his girlfriend set off and enjoyed a sail. We actually had some really decent wind (10-15 knots)  for a change and where able to hoist the sails and had an awesome day.

On our way in to the marina I phoned my Ma and told her to meet us at the dock so that she could take some pictures of us. luckily she wasn’t filming.

“Watch out kid”! Everyone yelled as we came barreling into the dock. Reverse is up! Not Down! Damn it!

I had thought I had the docking procedure dialed in as after properly adjusting the idle stop and no longer having to worry about the engine cutting out at an inappropriate time. So we came into the marina and prepared to dock at our slip. Was slow as can be and still maintain steerage and coasted her in neutral idle into the slip. I wanted to give a mid size blast of reverse to nail the docking maneuver, well all the plans went to pot as I shifted into forward gear and promptly applied thrust and smacked the dock. With the kid bent over getting a fish of his hook and facing away from us, the thought raced through my mind that he was done for. Thank God that the kid didn’t move , and It didn’t even faze him as we yelled and the boat smacked the dock leaving a large divot that would make John Daley proud. Well, we certainly got that out of the way quickly. So that the rest of my docking procedures go smoothly just remember “slow is pro and REVERSE is UP!