One day before pulling the Egress out for the year we finally made landfall on our first Island of the 22 Apostle Islands Archipelago besides our home port on Madeline Island.

You can see our You Tube Video Below.

Stockton Island

Stockton Island is the second largest of the Apostle Islands. Madeline Island being the largest. Stockton Island is the largest island included in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. The Apostle Island National Lakeshore encompasses 21 of the 22 Apostle Islands.The island chain is located off of Northern Wisconsin’s Bayfield peninsula in Lake Superior.
Stockton Island  is host to numerous trails and campsites. The island is also known for its high concentration of black bears, and a unique lagoon ecosystem with multiple carnivorous plants and low bush blueberries, as well as the singing sand found in Julian Bay. The singing sands are unique in that when  you run your hand or feet across them they actually sing.

Barb and I had decided on our drive up to the island that it was important to make landfall on one of the other islands. Stockton being one of the easier ones to dock at and actually wanting to experience Julian bay and the singing sands it made the choice of Stockton a no brainer. We had wanted to take my folks, brother and his girlfriend along but the day we choose for the trip turned out to be extremely windy and it would have made the trip uncomfortable and the docking uncertain. So after everyone had left Barb and I had one last opportunity to go for it and sail to Stockton Island.

Being late August we had the entire beach to ourselves. There were not even boats anchored in the bay. It was wonderful! Unfortunetly we did not have the time to explore as we needed to get back to the marina and prepare for the haul out of the Egress.

We know we will be back to Stockton again in 2017.