Excerpts from the S/V Egress Logbook

“We know her bloodlines are strong and she will take us to many wonderful and magical places”

– Captain Troy 6/26/15


2015 Log Entries

2015 Voyages of the S/V Egress



21:00 – Local time

Weather: 70′ Sunny/ Winds: Light and variable/ Seas 0-2 ft

First time out on the Big water Lake Superior. Left our slip at the MIYC and just motored around the LaPointe area to test out the boat systems. Forgot the iPad that I was going to use to track our location and navigation. Though no need for it as the weather was a beautiful 70′ sunny day. The engine died when putting the throttle to the idle position. Will need to look at this. Barb saw fog rolling in from the Chequamegon bay are to our South so we headed in. Got to dock twice!! Since our first dock was in the wrong slip! I was very nervous docking both times! Had a wonderful first motor on the Egress for our fourth anniversary. – Captain Troy



21:15 – Local time

Weather: 72′ Sunny/ Winds: Light and variable / Seas 0-2 ft

Second time out. Travelled approximately 15 NM – was unable to accurately log our trip. Portable GPS would not power up and the iPad that we connected through the GPS on the iPhone was iffy in its location accuracy. Motored to entrance of Chequamegon Point and the entrance to the South and North channels. Boat ran awesome – Captain Troy



20:00 – Local time

Weather: 70′ clear/ Winds: Light and variable / Seas 0-2 ft

Motored again. Motored around Basswood Island 11 NM total. Fuel estimate used 6.5 gallons. 4 hours running. Forgot to make 90′ port turn to head south after passing Northern tip of Basswood – Headed towards Oak Island, Barb reminded me to turn South else we may wind up in Canada eh! – Captain Troy



16:15 Local time

Weather: 80′ hot and humid / Winds 5-15 knots out of the South / Seas 1-3 ft

First sail! 13.6 NM, 4 hours on the water. Engine run time of 30 minutes. crew was Barb and I, Capt Scott and my Brother and Sister. Sailed into the South channel and over the wreck of the Lucerne off of Long Island. A wonderful first sail enjoyed by all. – Captain Troy



21:15 Local time

Weather 72′ / Winds 5-15 knots out of the South- South East / Seas 0-2 ft /Distance travelled 8.8 NM

Today motored with Barbs parents from 1530-1700. Went to the Lighthouse Long Island, didn’t want to get to close as our depth gauge has never functioned. Another sailboat (most likely rented) that was ahead of us coming into MIYC docked in our slip! Guess it was payback for my first docking fiasco. Barb and I came down later to the boat to spend our first night on the Egress. Two sailboats in the slips next to us were filled with teenage girls. Lovely! We are locked down below! – Captain Troy



16:30 Local time

Today the mast was unstepped and the Egress was put away for the season. She will have some mast and standing rigging work done over the winter. We will return in May of 2016 to work on her, she will then be back in the water at the MIYC in August of 2016.

Total NM logged in 2015 / 53NM total / 13.6 NM sailed. – Captain Troy